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Huuuuuge Sketch Dump

All Gurren Lagann sketches except for one. Lots of genderbend, failed comics, and sketches I just haven't gotten around to (or probably will never) finish. These are kinda bad quality, but whatever. \:

No real NSFW warnings aside from one kinda gory picture.

Around the begining of a Simon/Nia "doujin" I wanted to start. Lol drunk Kittan and zero effort.

The same doujin. I have no idea what they're saying, okay. Oh, and Kamina would definitely be an angel on Simon's shoulder forcing him to make a move on Nia, there is not a doubt in my mind about this.

More angel Kamina annnnd that's it for this.

Ummm... this was a hentai-ish "doujin" I started last semester but didn't get much done on it. Oh yeahhh, cockpit sex.

Y-Yeah...... this is all I got done.

This was my attempts at drawing one of my favorite SOPHD scenes way back. This is kinda old so I forgot I even drew it. Plus it really isn't all that good. |:


Commandurr and Starfag. Anatomy is indeed very wonky here. I started linearting and doing a little touchups on this before but it was on my laptop and my laptop is being fixed atm.

The only sketch I liked that I could find of my OCs, Yumi and Axel. I'll probably finish this some time.

Drew this today. Finally came up with a design for man!Nia that I'm happy with, I think. Also, the random girl!commander Simon isn't related to the drawing. I decided that I'll just call my genderbent Simon Shimon because that sounds more like a girl name to me. (Plus there's kind of a pun to it, ahaaaa I am so clever).

Can't come up with a good name for lady!Kamina though, other than Kaminako. I'm kinda really liking this design for her, though.

UNF UNF Slutlock

I had to. ;___; I'm definitely going to finish this one at some point.

If you follow me on Twitter you might have already seen this before. These are some concpt sketches for a fan fiction I'll never write. It centers around AU/prologue Garlock, yeah. Think of it as Elfen Lied meets Gurren Lagann. These are some of the less gruesome ideas for it.

That same fanfic again. I was debating on whether or not to upload this for the sake of what people would think of me for decapitating my second favorite character, erp. This triggers Simon to go on a rampage killing spree and nearly create the spiral nemisis. Hi, I can't draw horrified expressions or people getting decapitated.

Just because, I'll throw these in here too. I'll probably make more later.
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