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Doodles and Sketches

In case you haven't noticed I've barely been around LJ lately and the reason is because I've been posting most of my art to Tumblr these days. If you want to keep up with me you can find me here.

Anyway, to make up for my two month absence here's a really long sketch/doodle dump.

Genderswapped Yoko and Nia

Brief and Panty/Brief.

Hei and Yin.

Starlock VS Garlock

My crack OTP.


Some sexy waiter/waitress Kamina/Yoko

genderswappp yeahhh

dat selfcest

dat lesbian genderswap selfcest

This is a drawing for an AU idea I had. It goes along with this image I drew a long time ago.



I totally ship this crossover pairing. Sh-shut up. Don't judge me!

Slutlock sketch and finished product.

WHAT IF SIMON DIED INSTEAD OF KAMINA??????? I've always wanted to know.
Also, my mom thought this was cute. Wat.

Kiyal's Magical Time moe moe moe

I've been wanting to draw something like this for so long.

Brief is a fuckin' creepo (but he's still cool in my book).

Started watching Durarara!! but I'm not finished it yet. Celty and Shizou are my two favorites (so far, anyway).

Came up with an outfit design for Yoko but it looked way better in my head. ):

Little Nia and little Genome~

Some more genderswappp.

This is from a TTGL Tumblr RP where I RP Nia and... yeah.

Genderswapped Garlock.
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