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It's been two months since my last sketchdump so why the hell not?

Lots of TTGL as usual, SimonxNia, genderswap, a few Yoko doodles, comic concepts, etc etc etc, along with some OC art, Panty & Stocking, and probably some other stuff I don't remember. One, maybe two images are NSFW.

I'll start off with some OC art. My character Axel with his weapon of choice. I probably could've came up with something cooler than a crowbar, but ehhh, I like crowbars.

Concepts of Axel's dad, I guess? At first I was going to have him be a powerful mafia leader, but I decided to make him a violent drunk instead. Haven't really come up with a name for him yet, though.

One of my few half-decent Panty & Stocking sketches. I have about twenty just lying around that I either hate or just didn't bother to finish.

Scanty from Panty & Stocking.

Since everybody else is doing it- P&S genderswap. Couldn't think of a name for girl!Chuck. o-oh well...

Antipiral Nia cosplaying as Scanty since I see a lot of people comparing the two. (Personally, Scanty reminds me more of Kiyoh though)

I also drew Yoko cosplaying Kneesocks beside her, but it didn't look that great so I just cut her out.

Romeo x Juliet fanart. Saw this series a while back and I really enjoyed it, even though I couldn't unsee Romeo as Simon all the way through. It didn't help that Tetsuya Kakihara played his "friend" either. |:

Yoko doodle kind of based on this since the outfits are similar.

This is something I actually drew in summer while I was away camping with my cousin. I just sort of forgot about it I guess.

Another Yoko doodle.

Just Simon and Nia in casual clothing. I have a Yoko/Kamina one to go along with this but it isn't finished.

That's a long arm.

Mechas can be fun to draw, but only when I'm in the mood. I want to finish this, but I don't get into that mecha drawing mood very often.

fun fact: I've drawn TTGL at least four times but I've never drawn one image of Gurren-Lagann. ~THE MORE YOU KNOW~

Simon and Nia laying in the grass or something. I sort of gave up on this.


Just redrew this old sketch of mine.

Simon and Nia sexy time after the final battle.

Oh, and speaking of that here's a comic I did half a year ago on MS Paint.

Shemon/Slutlock as always.

And a genderswap of AU!Garlock.

Slutlock reference from the front and back. But really, I just used this as an excuse to draw some ass.

Boota likes what he sees.

I like how Simon evolves into a fucking beast when it hits the space arc. I assume it would be the same if he were rule 63'd except all that meat would go to other places if you know what I mean.

Remember this Simon and Nia comic I stared a long time ago? Well, I decided I'm going to try to write it. This is the only panel from the second page so far.

Just a rough page for the Simon Nia comic. I kept getting the image of Simon trying to make a move on Nia in my head and it was so hilarious I had to draw it out. Ahaaa, I fucked up on the second panel so bad.

I have another rough page finished, but it's kind of spoiler-y for the story, so I decided not to share it.
Tags: art, gurren lagann, paswg, sketches
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Nice sketches! I really liked the ones of Yoko, she looks hot in those :) And Boota made me lol, he always looks so little and cute <333
Thank you! ♥♥
I'm just gonna keep ogling this post. Never stop doing what you do.
You can draw women and I am so jealous.

Guinble Romeo.
Thank you! ;_;
Well... well... you can draw beautiful man chests and I am so jealous.